Data Management through Pentation Reportage

Making Data Work for You!

Are you generating huge amounts of data and finding it difficult to manage it? Does your organizational information exist in silos?

As per Forrester Research most companies analyse a mere 12% of data they have. They could be missing out on data-driven insights in the 88% of data that they are ignoring. Gartner predicts that 90% of all corporate strategies will include insights from data, with analytics becoming the core competency by 2022.

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Key Features

  • Editable pre-built data flows to ingest data and to get consolidated data store from multiple data sources & data types
  • Drag-and-Drop ETL functionality
  • Editable blocks
  • Supports multiple storage technologies
  • Editable DQ rule definitions
  • Option to select storage technology

How Pentation Reportage can help?

Pentation Reportage is an easy to use industry agnostic online data platform. It has the capability to ingest varied data (structured or unstructured) from multiple sources (databases, excel files, live steaming etc.) and enables business users to:

  • Bring all data on a common platform
  • Improve data quality
  • Create finished reports and dashboards for data driven insights

How Reportage Delivers?

Data Ingestion

  • Ingest data from databases, excel sheets, live streaming data
  • Upload multiple files at the same time

Data Imputation

  • Identify missing values in the datasets
  • Populate missing values

Data Cleaning

  • Filter data on the basis of pre defined rules

Data Transformation

  • Apply mathematical formula to data columns

Reports and Dashboards

  • Create dashboards through open source visualization interface

Using Reportage, multiple business workflows can be configured and used by business users such as Automated Reporting, Machine Learning based scoring for business objectives such as customer retention, cross sell and contact center optimization.

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