Document Comparison

Does your job involve scrutiny of official documents, contracts and polices? Are you required to compare crucial documents for differences? Comparing documents manually for errors and omissions is a time intensive activity. Manual reviews may also lead to reading fatigue, increasing chances of negligence, especially if the documents are lengthy and monotonous. It is a waste of productive time that could be spent on strategic engagements.

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Document Comparison

How Document Comparison can help?

Pentation Analytics’ Document Comparison workflow is a Machine Learning / NLP enabled smart checklist that enables business users eliminate manual errors. It locates and highlights clauses that are crucial and need attention, while ignoring the irrelevant text. Audit trail helps identify gaps and address them in a timely manner.

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Key Features

  • Automated comparison between reference and final documents
  • Multi document comparison
  • Keyword configured
  • Qualitative and quantitative comparison
  • Intent comparison
  • Document accuracy using machine learning and relevant data dictionary

How the Document Comparison Platform Delivers?

Comparing documents through Pentation Analytics’ Document Comparison Platform is a simple process. Just upload documents that need to be compared and run the command. The output is quantitative (comparing numbers and figures in the documents) as well as qualitative (highlighting text discrepencies on the basis of key words and data dictionary) comparisons. The platform also does an ‘intent’ check on the documents to ensure that they are drafted keeping in mind the spirit of the agreements.

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