Automating and optimizing workflows for the insurance broking fraternity

Pentation Analytics’ Digital Broker is an AI and ML driven platform that redefines Insurance Broking. It is designed to automate the entire process of insurance broking and thereby improve underwriter productivity.

The product aims to address four key challenges faced by the insurance broking agencies

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Key Features

The platform has the capability to automatically:

  • Prioritize requests for issuance of insurance policies on the basis of pre-configured parameters
  • Allocate requests to mapped underwriters
  • Recommend relevant policies and insurance companies to underwriters
  • Generate broking slips required for submitting to insurance companies
  • Compare quotation / broking slips and policies for errors and omissions
  • Create reports and dashboards to track pertinent day-to-day KPIs and to draw insights

How the Platform Delivers?

Field CRM

  • Capture leads
  • Track status
  • Upload policy information
  • Recommend next best action using predictive algorithms

Request Prioritisation

  • Prioritize tasks intelligently through ML enabled workflow
  • Streamline leads on the basis of importance and urgency

Auto Recommend

  • Get product and insurer recommendations through ML enabled workflow
  • Generate broking slips

Quote Engine

  • Get automated quotes on insurance premiums

Document Comparison

  • Automatically compare documents
  • Ensure document accuracy using machine learning and insurance data dictionary

he Digital Broker platform adds value at 2 levels – it ensures Advice Quality through its workflows on product and insurer recommendations and it ensures Service Quality through its workflows on document accuracy using machine learning and insurance data dictionary.

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