Transaction Automation

An efficiency improvement solution – purpose built for Process Automation workflow that

  • extracts data from complex, unstructured documents
  • cleans, validates and enhances data
  • posts data into core applications without a human interface

AI enabled application which can read word documents, spreadsheets, searchable pdfs.
AI models for the application deployment available ready out of the box or trainable within days.

Supported Business case:

  • Account Payable & Account Receivables for all industries
  • Policy booking, Renewals and Endorsement for Insurance Brokers
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Transaction Automation
  • Addresses the need for high-quality data extracted from complex, unstructured invoices and policies from multiple insurers.
  • Documents that are too large and complex for OCR and Data collation, and until now have required a skilled human to process.
  • Clean
  • Validate
  • Enhance
  • Semi or full integration enabled
  • Make the impossible possible with better-than-human performance.
  • Expect ROI in months, transformative process improvement, and lasting business.

Tailored solution for Insurance Brokers to automate transaction processes related to Invoices, Debit and Credit notes for

  • New policy booking
  • Renewals
  • Endorsements

Supported Transaction and Document Types

LoB Transaction Type Documents
  • Medical
  • Motor
  • Commercial Lines*
  • New Policy
  • Tax Invoice
  • Commission Document
  • Census
  • Renewal
  • Endorsement
  • Endorsement

Available in SaaS and On-premise model

*Excluding Life and Marine

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